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Apply for an MBA, PGAD, PGP course

and get your pre-placement offer before joining the course. You pay the complete course fee only after getting a placement*.

What is Aditus?

ADITUS is An ecosystem which connects you to your Dream Job, Funding, Right kind of Training & Degree! One platform through which you can apply for in-demand courses of your choice, get job placement, deputation and get funding for your education

Key Features

Choose from 23 courses, 6 institutes at 8 locations in India to learn from

Get assured pre-placement offer minimum of 3.5 lac per annum with a joining date

Industry-relevant MBA, PGP, PGAD program & training

Get full funding for your educational expenses & Payback only after getting placement

How does it work?

  • Clear the aptitude test
  • Get a pre-placement offer (PPO) instantly after clearing the test
  • Select the college or university of your choice
  • Get funded for the course or specialisation you choose
  • No need to apply for the educational loan on day first, education loan will be approved by our own bank upon completion of course only after converting your PPO in Final Placement
  • Be a part of world-class educational training related to novel & in-demand specializations
  • Take the course and convert your PPO in the Final Placement with top MNCs in India and Abroad
  • If your PPO is not converted in Final placement offer your fees will be waived off*

Recruiters associated with us

Courses available

1 MBA in Finance 13 PGAD in Real Estate Management
2 MBA in HR 14 PGAD in Microfinance & Banking
3 MBA in International Business 15 PGAD in Real Estate Management
4 MBA in Marketing 16 PGPM in AI & BlockChain
5 MBA in Retail Management 17 PGPM in Construction Management
6 PGAD in AI & BlockChain 18 PGPM in Digital Marketing
7 PGAD in Construction Management 19 PGPM in Facility Management
8 PGAD in Digital Marketing 20 PGPM in Healthcare Management
9 PGAD in Facility Management 21 PGPM in Interior Designing
10 PGAD in Healthcare Management 22 PGPM in Microfinance & Banking
11 PGAD in Interior Designing 23 PGPM in Real Estate Management
12 PGAD in Microfinance & Banking 24 PGPM in Pharmaceutical Management



Aptitude test will be free.

Aptitude Test will have 4 sections:
Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, English & General knowledge

Total 100 marks exam should be completed in 60 mins. No negative marking applicable.

  1. A. Mathematics: (20 Mins) – 25 Questions - 25 Marks
  2. B. Logical Reasoning: (20 Mins) – 25 Questions - 25 Marks
  3. C. English: ( 10 Mins) - 25- Questions - 25 Marks
  4. D. General Knowledge: ( 10 Mins) 25 Questions - 25 Marks

The 100 marks exam carries 10 credits

Aptitude test will be followed by:

  1. E. Audio Test -20 Credits (3 Mins)
  2. F. Video Test - 20 Credits (3 Mins) 

Out of credit of 50 credits, minimum 10 has to be a credit to pass the assessment.


3 Attempts

A. Any Graduate with min 45%
B. Must clear aptitude test on Aditus with 10 credits.

Jobs are offered in specialization related fields on positions like Executive, Associate, Sr Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, Site Engineer, Planning Engineer, Estimator, QA-QC-QS, Project Engineer with approx CTC of 350000 INR, 400000 INR, 450000 INR, 500000 INR, 600000 INR respectively. Nomenclature of positions may vary as per policies and culture of an Organisation.

Refer Annexure

Refer Annexure

For PG Average fees is Rs 600,000
I. Pay only Rs 50,000 at the time of admission
II. Open an account with our bank & Obtain for RD Option
III. Submit Rs 5000 to 15,000 per month as per the economic situation of family
IV. Keep submitting RD for 24 months and at the end of 2 years on an Average you shall pay up to Rs 250,000
V. This amount upon completion of course shall be transferred to College/University. Total fees paid at the end of 2 years will be 300,000 (approx)
VI. After converting your Pre Placement Offer in Final placement offer our bank shall sanction education loan of remaining amount.
VII. If your pre-placement offer is not converted in final placement offer remaining fees (approx 50%) fees shall be waived off*
VIII. The loan taken shall be paid by EMIs

No, these are full-time undergraduate and postgraduate classroom courses combined with special certifications and upgraded syllabus combined, designed, executed and monitored by industry experts & employers

PG Courses will be of 12-month classroom teaching - certification followed by 8 months of deputation and 4 of thesis.

Through classroom teachings, seminars, guest lectures and deputation (on job training)

During Deputation or upon completion of course for PG

50% of your course fees are waived off.

Refer Annexure

Yes, scholarships will be made available to eligible and selected students on merits.

We have our own Co-operative and Multi-State Cooperative banks sponsoring educational expenses of students.

Depending on the score and selected specialisation, allotment of Institute shall happen by means of technology, students will be counsel properly before the obtain for specialisations.

Weekly evaluation by HODs and Directors uploaded and sync with technology (ADITUS), Trimester or Semester theory exams as per schedule, Project Reports, Thesis and Viva as per schedule.

No, just verification of Audio and Video tests taken by students before stamping the Pre-Placement Offer letter.

By best training from industry experts and faculties, By enhancing their profile, sharing their ideas on social media created by us, by getting connected to Start-ups, sharing start-ups ideas.

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